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Eric & Rob’s Destination Wedding: Cancun, Mexico Same Sex Wedding

I’ve known Eric for a little over eight years now and have known Rob almost that long. When Eric told me about his proposal to Rob in Italy, I thought it was the sweetest thing. When they chose me to be their photographer, I was blown away. It was an amazing experience to shoot in Cancun. This was my second trip to Mexico in the last 12 months to shoot a wedding. While in Cancun, I got the opportunity to catch up with some past co-workers from Friar Tux Shop and meet some sweet new faces as we all ate, drank, traveled, and of course partied together.

 The first night was “meet and greet” followed by some dancing at the resort “Disco.” We were the only ones there except for the bartender. The second day we packed 18 people into a 16 person bus which took us from our resort (Aventura Spa Palace) to the Mayan city of Tulum, from there we drove back past out resort to Playa Del Carmin for dinner and shopping.

 The third day was the wedding, and let me tell you, it was hot and humid. We took photos hours before the wedding so as to make sure I as well as the grooms had an opportunity to cool off and allow our attire to dry from shooting around in the humidity. The wedding was gorgeous as the Caribbean Ocean served as the backdrop. Navy, yellow, tan, and white where the colors of the details and tables. My favorites were the pods set out on the sand for the guest to sit on during the ceremony. By the end of the reception, a group of us wanted to keep the party going, so we decided to grab a taxi to take us to Playa Del Carmin for a late night hookah and beer session followed by some tacos al pastor. Believe me, the tacos were out of this world. Very spicy yet cooled down by a slice of pineapple right in the taco. I love that type of food combination.

Check out the photos here as well as other iPhone photos I captured on my trip.
 Finally, the last day was an opportunity for me to back up the wedding photos, get my stuff packed, and just take it easy. So that’s just what I did. I got myself a well deserved 80 minuet massage, ate a bunch, took a nap, swam, and by then end of the evening, finished it off with a goodbye drink with some of the fine folks from the wedding.
 This was a great experience and I hope to do many more same-sex and/or destination weddings!
Resort: Aventura Spa Palace

“Live Long and Prosper” -Vulcan Salute