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David & Julasar’s Save the Date

When David asked me to film his wedding, I was ecstatic. Right away the wheels began turning and the creative juices flowing. I immediately asked David what his thoughts were on doing a Save the Date concept video. He and Julasar were up for it and now it was up to me to put together a storyline. I sat myself down and began brainstorming ideas. It took a few days and a misplaced note pad, but as soon as the pad was recovered I was on my way.

I decided to listen to music and let it be my muse to focus my ideas. After some searching, I came across She & Him. ( You can thank Scarlett for that, she was the one who introduced their music to me… Thanks Babe.:)I was inspired by the vibe and the sweet lyrics of the song and when David told me he was interested in shooting in a woodsy area, it kind of came to me so I began to write up the treatment.

After the details of the shot list and logistics of the shoot ironed out. It was time to shoot it. Nathan Prince of Prince Productions was my cinematographer for the shoot. I had help from Sandy, the pair of legs that walked by and dropped the paper. Daniel, who assisted Nathan and I, and Scarlett, who drew the tree with the date as well as guarded our equipment while we were shooting.

Congratulations David and Julasar!!! I can not wait for your wedding!!!


Groom: David Nget

Bride: Julasar Hok

Girl walking by: Sandy Nesheiwat

Written, Produced, Directed, Edited & Colored by Thamer Bajjali Petra Calling Media

Cinematographer: Nathan Prince Prince Productions

Production Assistants: Scarlett Brandom, Sandy Nesheiwat, and Daniel Rodriguez

Artwork used courtesy of Scarlett Brandom

Music: She & Him I was made for you

Filmed on the Canon 5DMkii