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    Thamer I. Bajjali
    Founder & Head Photographer
    Petra Calling Photography

A Session with my man Merk

After work, I headed over to Merk’s house to set up a domain name, but I didn’t plan on taking photos. A short attention span and general disdain for reality shows (Becca was catching up on Dog Whisperer) based on pets led me to pick up the camera and get funky with Merk. My man got on the turntables and spun some james and I started shooting. We used to do that a lot when he had the extra room set up as his studio, but we haven’t jammed like this since then. Here are some photos from that session… More photos on my Flickr.


Bamboo Kilt

Last weekend I shot some photos for my buddy’s Hip Hop group Bamboo Kilt at a spot called Characters in Pomona, CA. Here’s a few shots… You can see more shots from this show by clicking Here.

Some Randomness

I was looking through my Flickr account and noticed that I had a “Randomness” set… Click here to see a couple or so old photos. There’s one that I took on my trip to Jordan in 2006 and there’s even one of me in “tubby face.”