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About Me


Hi my name is Thamer, I was born in Madaba, Jordan and I have very fond memories of my early childhood and being surrounded by a lot of family. We moved to California when I was 7 years old, so I consider myself a true Southern Californian. I grew up in Orange County listening to punk rock and ska, skateboarding with my friends, and enjoying the beach. In high school I was involved in drama and I also played water polo for 3 years. I attended Cal State Fullerton and earned a Bachelor’s degree in History. Shortly after graduating college, I realized that my passion was in photography. I was always the guy taking photos, something I most likely got from my dad who would take endless home videos. I started shooting in high school with 35 mm film. I’ve always loved to hold a photo in my hand but I was impatient with the lengthy process of having film developed. Enter the digital age! My first digital camera was a simple Canon point and shoot, and eventually I progressed to the professional Canon DSLR. I started taking a lot of online photography tutorials and then landed an internship at a fast-paced wedding photography and videography studio, which gave me the experience to learn in the field and build the confidence and portfolio to start Petra Calling Photography.


In my free time you’d most likely find me at any of my favorite local coffee spots with my wife Scarlett, catching up on our favorite TV shows and taking walks around the various nature preserves near our home in Costa Mesa. I am an avid #Instagramer, I enjoy listening to podcasts, going to comedy shows, and epicurean adventures around Southern California and beyond.


I am fascinated by the blending of art and technology and enthralled with vintage and traditional methods of image making. I love to capture people and life’s moments and am driven by the one on one connection that comes from portrait photography. Through wedding photography, I not only get to witness different types of love, but I am exposed to different cultures and ceremonies, places and food. It is my life’s ambition to capture the sweet moments between you and the ones you love.About Me Petra Calling Photography